Measuring and modeling the lock 23

Measuring a kilometer long structure, buried 40 feet (12 m) below the surface of the St. Lawrence River...

Why tackle such a crazy project?

Detail aerial photograph of Lock 23 at Morrisburg
Aerial photograph of Lock 23

How to do it?

What measures to take?

Measuring Tools

What are the challenges for the diver?

How to take measurements in a site marked by the current?

How to fully carry out your measurement plan while making a safe dive?

Christian Rémillard underwater making a measurement.
Photo by Jean-Louis Courteau

The Making of of the Lock 23 3D model

Watch this video which gives an overview of the Lock 23 site, presents the process and the challenges of measuring in scuba diving as well as the creation of the 3D model. Taken from a presentation made at the 2023 season opening brunch of the H2O Lanaudière Diving Club.